Family Office Investment Opportunities

We offer specialist services to family offices looking to invest or finance all things property related.

Through our professional relationships we often engage with alternative investment clients, in need of sizable financial funding, partnerships, or investments globally.
Our substantial network of clients allows us to also consider opportunities of synergy between family offices with common interests, to bring benefits for all involved.

If you feel you have a project where our services could be of assistance or are searching for specific investments which we may be able to locate, please contact Paul Kingston

What does Property Connections offer?

We package various property development investments from across the UK as an aggregated, risk managed, single opportunity for family offices. Consistently delivering 20% ROI per annum. These returns are achieved whilst tightly managing the risk to capital.

What makes this opportunity different?

Our investment is not like others that land on your desk. First of all there are no fees or costs to you!

We deal with small to medium developers with seasoned and proven successful track records, who are looking for reliable equity partners. We believe in a boots on the ground approach. Our developer partners have all been fully vetted by us, including inspections of sites and offices, working procedures observed and understood. Once a project is engaged, we talk weekly with the developers for any updates and visit each site bimonthly personally, documenting video updates to deliver back to our investor partner.

Why consider several packaged sites rather than one large development?

Although large sites carry larger absolute returns, they also come with greater risks when markets become volatile, or costs of materials and labour increase. Often the exit strategy for these developments is one of selling only that can cause saturation of the local market, thus making the capital invested more vulnerable to market vagaries. In contrast, our approach not only spreads the market risk but also ensures that if one under performs, the rest maintain the integrity of the overall investment.

Investing in a collection of smaller to medium sized sites, in different asset types, with returns of between 80% and 20%, diminishes risk considerably. These developments are easier to manage and are positively adaptable to market changes. Offering multiple exit strategies is the ultimate safeguard to capital, whilst giving the greatest possibilities for optimum profits being achieved.

Why are we so focused on exits and why is it so important?

Understanding & having an educated exit policy is where we start, helping us ensure a successful outcome for each individual investment project.

Paul Kingston our founder, spent over 30 years in the property market, owning two successful estate agency businesses in Bristol with over 55 staff. His understanding in why a property will sell or rent is the strength behind the projects we agree to market. Is there a real need for these properties in the location? What is the competition? Is the design practical? Are the values realistic? Is the volume of units sustainable or already at saturation point for the location.

We believe it is fundamental to the success of the investment to understand the specific market and buyers appetite for the finished product, at the sales prices being asked.

Building long-lasting, profitable relationships

In life, relationships whether personal or business are only meaningful and enjoyable when cemented with trust, integrity, honesty, empathy and respect.

These are the values we care about and look for in those we engage with, whether investment partners or an investor. We like to connect with people that have similar values, who will stay with us because they not only benefit financially through our services but because they like us as people.
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