Introducing liquid investors to hand-picked developers
If you have at least £50,000 in liquid funds, the Property Connections service can introduce you to our small group of approved property developers looking for equity partners. You become a shareholder in the SPV, share the profits of the project and choose how actively involved you want to be at an operational level.
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Here at Property Connections we work with hundreds of high net worth individuals and family offices to find investments that meet their demanding requirements.

It’s no surprise that one of the most popular asset classes for the wealthy is real estate. The vast majority of our members have a property portfolio of some sort, but a significant minority want to take things further by becoming directly involved in property development projects.

Our Property Connections services are designed to fulfil financial growth for liquid investors with a minimum of £50,000 to deploy. Headed up by our Director Paul Kingston and Head of Investor Relations Austen Gray.


Its a 'quality before quantity' approach driven by our property director Paul Kingston:

Carefully Selected Developers

We work with a handful of carefully selected property developers

Understanding your Profile

They understand the profile of our members and bring new projects to us that fit our template

 Careful Due Diligence

We do our own due diligence and if the project is approved we share it with a handful of members

Become a property connections investor

2 ways to participate

The approach can work in one of two ways – you can be an armchair investor who leaves all the work to the team or you can become actively involved and treat the project as a learning exercise before embarking on developments of your own. As ever, we cannot give investment advice, so you must bring in any experts you need in order to satisfy yourself that you want to proceed.

It all starts by becoming a Member of Property Connections, so we can show you our Investment opportunities. When you have completed your application, you will be able to contact and speak with Paul Kingston.

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Our Investor Experiences

George Charilaou's Experience

Paul went to great lengths to make sure that the shareholder agreement gave me as many protections as possible and educated the developer on why some changes were needed now that he was working with an equity partner. In a nutshell, I provide the equity on top of the development loan, the developer does all the work, and we split the profits down the middle.

I’ve been really pleased to see Paul continuing to be involved in the project, visiting the site every month and sending me video updates.

Peter Coy's experience

I found myself on a building site south of Manchester looking at one of the Property Connections projects. I had a careful look at the appraisal, made sure the shareholder agreement was in order and that the potential sale prices were achievable.

But for me, it’s about more than just the numbers. I’ve got to be comfortable with the people. Both Paul and the developer impressed me with their approach and their track record, so I was happy to provide a percentage of the equity that the project needed, in three stages, as the work progresses.

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